If you are willing to install branded awnings, you surely want it to be fully customized and installed only by professionals. Whatever be the time of the year, saving yourself from the harmful rays of the sun becomes necessary even when you are promoting your brand. This is exactly where branded awnings come to the rescue.

Since you are spending your hard-earned money, making a wise choice while buying the product is more than important. There are numerous points you need to consider, stated below are few of them.


branded awnings

Process Of Installation:-

Have a clear chat with the company you are approaching and enquire whether the price quoted by them includes the installation cost as well. If yes, ask whether they are providing any warranty on the installation and the time period. This warranty generally includes service work and adjustments required in the future.

• Material Quality:-

The material used is more vital than you think. It should be capable of providing high resistance against mildew, fade, fire, water, dirt, and harmful UV rays. Cleaning them should be easy and the product should be available in various shape, color, and sizes. Moreover, the material should be appealing as well.


The fabric used for crafting these awnings is generally woven from two varieties of fibers. The fiber used determines the durability of the product. Canopy crafted from synthetic fibers like acrylic is more durable than those made from natural fibers like cotton. Synthetic fiber also prevents the growth of mildew and mold.

Colouring Material:-

Some fabrics are coated with a layer of colour after being weaved. Stay away from this variety as the paint layer peel off and fade when exposed to natural elements. There is another variety of canopy which is solution-dyed before being woven into the fabric. Since the entire product is dyed, fading or peeling of colour is rare.


Selecting the ideal Branded Awning supplier is indeed a daunting task. Unless the dealer is good enough, you won’t be receiving a high-quality product. Make sure the one you are approaching is an experienced one having years of presence in the canopy manufacturing industry. Ask for references or check out reviews on their website.


Not only does the quality of the material matter, but the frame needs to be sturdy as well. Whether the canopy is retractable or stationary, the frame should be strong after being installed. Only a sturdy frame can withstand the harmful effect of natural elements. The frame should be crafted in rust free material as well.


Warranty Offered:-

Having a fully functional branded canopy isn’t enough. You need to check the warranty as well. Ask the supplier whether they are providing full or prorated coverage and the time period. Doing so can give you peace of mind. If issues surface in the future, you can claim the warranty and save a lot of money.
Do a bit of homework before approaching the supplier if you want to save considerable money and time.