About Us

Mohan Awnings established in the year 2001 introduces itself as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of designer awnings. A division of Mohan Merchandise Pvt. Ltd., Mohan Awnings offer a complete line of high quality custom-built awning.

Whether for residential, commercial or industrial purpose, we rightly meet the challenge of creating creative space zones for every kind of requirement.

The company, offers its venerated clients different types of awning, catering to diverse purposes as per specific size, design and colors.

Range of Styles like:

  • Bull-nose Awning
  • Dome Awning,
  • Drop Arm Awning
  • Drop Awning
  • Drop-down awning and more.
  • Lateral Awning
  • Vertical Awning

Our awning inventory includes :

  • Entrance Awning
  • Fixed Awning
  • Patio Awning
  • Retractable Awning
  • Terrace Awning
  • Window Awning

Clients can also choose from different awning fabrics– PVC coated or Acrylic.

Our range of products stands out in the competitive crowd with its visually compelling attributes, superior functionalities and durability.

Awnings for Residential Purpose

Upgrading the exterior significantly improves the aesthetic value of a house and nothing could add more charm than installing a perfectly styled awning or canopy. Awnings are regarded as affordable accessory that enhances a beautiful backyard and create an upscale outdoor living room with shape, dimension, color that enhance the décor of the room. Awnings help reduce cost related to energy consumption and provide protection from the sunrays as well as inclement weather conditions. For residential facilities, you can always opt for retractable awning or patio or deck canopies to increase your living space and enhance the aesthetics of your home. At Mohan Awnings, we offer residential awnings that have multifold applications which include providing shade for door, windows, patio, terrace and entrance way.

Providing shed from the direct rays of the sun, awnings help lower the indoor temperatures by as much as 15 degrees and simultaneously lowers air-conditioning costs. By intercepting harsh UV rays, awnings also protect furniture and help retain the colors of the carpets and drapes near doors and windows. Deck, patio and terrace awnings and canopies create beautiful ‘outdoor living rooms’ wherein all the family can enjoy even under the blazing sun and heavy downpour.

Our residential awnings are not only functional; they have a lot of aesthetic appeal too. They give your home a face-lift and enhance the look, adding charm and beauty to your home by adding vibrant hues, dimension and shape. Our awnings are made from high-quality fabrics that come in soothing colors, unique patterns and attractive styles. They are durable and require little maintenance. We offer window shades, bullnose awnings, drop arm awnings, drop awnings, terrace awnings and many more.

Awnings for Business Purpose

Awnings impart a resplendent look to commercial places. Be it restaurants, office, shopping malls or any other business facilities, awnings offer an inviting look and transform the place while adding to an elegant ambience. Awnings that are used in business facilities help protect walkways and entrances from weather hazards and shield furnishings and draperies from losing its sheen on being exposed to harsh sunlight.

Awnings can also be used in advertising purpose. Businesses can custom print their logo on the canopies and awnings and get their business noticed. Custom-made graphics can be applied with the company’s colors and logos creating eye-catching signage for round-the clock business promotion. At Mohan Awnings, we offer canopies/awnings in different styles and shapes that are meticulously crafted. They are available in high-quality solution-dyed acrylic and double side coated PVC fabrics and you can select from hundreds of colors and patterns.

Mohan Awnings, a division of Mohan Merchandise Pvt. Ltd. undertakes setting up fabric awning structures large projects like Factory Sheds, Car workshop complex, schools, meeting Halls, religious sites which usually witness a large number of foot fall of people and materials.

The broad range of Awnings offered by us include Fixed Awnings, Retractable Awnings, Window Awnings, Domes, Patio Awning, Vertical Awning, Bull-nose Awning, Entrance Canopies, Quarter Barrel Awnings/ double side open awnings and more.